LifeWork Recognized by World Magazine a Top Book of the Year

Darrow Miller’s most recent book, LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Everyday was listed as one of the “top 30 nonfiction books of the year” by World Magazine in their July 3, 2010 “Books Issue.” See the article here.

Then, in a four-page article entitled “Work By the Book” in the August 28 edition, Editor-in-Chief Marvin Olasky featured two books and two websites that “help Christians to think through how their work is a part of their calling.”

The article gives extended and positive coverage LifeWork. It also spotlights the website which was developed to accompany the book.

“A plethora of Christian books and resources concerning issues of work, business, and calling is now available, ” Olasky writes. “I’ve found four particularly useful.” He goes on to recommend two, including LifeWork, which he reviews at some length.

You can read the article here.

Gary Brumbelow Joins the DNA Team in Phoenix

Gary and Valerie Brumbelow

The Disciple Nations Alliance support center in Phoenix, Arizona is pleased to announce a new member to its team. Gary Brumbelow joined on May 1. Gary will serve as Assistant to the President and will help in a number of areas, including serving as the principal editor for DNA Global News.

For eight years, Gary served as a cross-cultural church-planting missionary among First Nations peoples of Canada. For the past 14 years, he served as Executive Director of InterAct Ministries, an Oregon-based church-planting organization serving in Canada, Alaska and Siberia.

Gary is a graduate of Grace University and earned an MA from Wheaton College. He  is currently pursuing further graduate studies at Western Seminary. He lives in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with his wife, Valerie. They have two married sons and six grandchildren.

Gary was first exposed to the Disciple Nations Alliance in 2002 when he read Darrow Miller’s book Discipling Nations. In 2003 he attended a DNA workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia faciliated by Darrow Miller and Scott Allen. He later attended a DNA Forum in Heber, Arizona, and began working to incorporate principles of wholistic ministry and Biblical worldview into the work of InterAct. To that end, he helped to organize a Vision Conference in Siberia.

Mexico City Vision Conference Slated for Aug. 2-6, 2010

Mexico City is scheduled for its first DNA Vision Conference August 2-6. The key sponsor organization is Partners In Christ, a DNA Cooperating Organization. Much of the work is being done by PIC staff Katie Taylor and Lyd Pensado with the support of PIC Executive Director, Nick Beezhold.

Mexico City

Other organizations that have been approached to help support the event include The National Presbyterian Seminary, The Christian Reformed Seminary, The Baptist Seminary, The Methodist Seminary, Christ for the Nations Mission Training School, YWAM/Megacities, The Evangelical Free Church (ReachGlobal), the The Evangelistic Institute of Mexico as well as others.

Darrow Miller and John Wood, Pastor of Missional Life at Bethany Community Church, will serve as co-facilitators for the event.

If you’d like more information on supporting or attending this exciting event, please contact or Katie Taylor at

New Beginnings in Japan

We are excited to announce the launch of Friends with the Voiceless International, our newest DNA global affiliate! You can view their new website here. At this time, the site is viewable only in Japanese.

Dr. Eisuke Kanda at the 2007 DNA Forum

Led by Dr. Eisuke Kanda, Shun Jinnai, and Midori Yanagisawa, Friends with the Voiceless Int’l brings a message of hope to churches in Japan and around the world.

According to Dr. Kanda, “The concept of the Kingdom of God is not well understood by churches in Japan. To help the church grasp this message of hope, we use the analogy of transforming a desert into a forest.”

“We teach an abbreviated Vision Conference that typically is hosted over a weekend, with two sessions on Saturday, two sessions on Sunday, plus a sermon,” said co-leader Shun Jinnai. “We always begin by asking participants to identify those things that presently make Japan a ‘desert’ and what the church can do to transform the desert into a forest.”

In Japan, a sense of hopelessness abounds. In the past 12 years, there have been more than 30,000 confirmed suicides.  The number of Japanese youth who describe themselves as “very lonely” is 29 percent, the highest rate in the developed world. Eleven percent say, “I should never have been born.” Japan’s birthrate  has dropped to 1.2, one of the lowest rates in the developed world.

Into this context of hopelessness, Friends with the Voiceless Int’l is boldly proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom, and the necessity of the church to practice a lifestyle of love–identifying the needs of one’s neighbors and taking practical steps to respond.

After Shun attended a Vision Conference in Japan four years ago, he was challenged by DNA co-founder Bob Moffitt to do a seed project. Shun said his first project was very, very simple. He started by picking up one piece of trash at a train station he frequented.

Shun Jinnai

This first step of obedience led to others. He came back to the station later and cleaned up all the trash. As he did, the Lord  spoke to his heart. He began to look into the faces of his fellow commuters, and it was as if God were saying, “there is trash inside of people that I want to clean up.”

This led to a bold step of obedience. How to clean up the trash in people’s hearts? He set up a small booth on the train station platform with a sign that read, “If you need someone to talk to, we will listen.” Surprisingly, many people stopped at the booth and began to pour out their hurts and pain. Shun simply listened and prayed. This went on for more than two years, and in that time, several people responded to an invitation to give their lives to Christ.

According to Shun, “Now that station is very clean.” Now there are similar “listening booths” in train stations in eight Japanese cities. One of these was featured on a national television broadcast.

Shun stresses that none of this would have happened unless he had taken one simple step of obedience–picking up that first piece of trash.

Midori Yanagisawa Training Event in Ghana

Today, Friends with the Voiceless Int’l challenges Christians and non-Christians alike to put love into practice and take simple steps of obedience. By the power and grace of God, that is how deserts turn into forests.

Friends with the Voiceless Int’l is registered as an independent organization. This represents a significant step of faith for founder Eisuke Kanda. A graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois, he served as a National Director of Japan Campus Crusade for Christ for ten years before joining JIFH. Eisuke became the general secretary of Japan International Food for the Hungry (JIFH) in 1984. While with JIFH, Dr. Kanda began teaching DNA messages in Japan under the name, “Kingdom Consortium.”

Co-worker Midori Yanagisawa also served for many years with JIFH including extensive service in Bangladesh, and other countries. She recently attended a training workshop in Ghana, West Africa, hosted by Chris Ampadu, West Africa coordinator of Samaritan Strategy Africa.

Please pray for Dr. Kanda, Shun and Midori as they take this exciting step of faith!

Exciting Open Door in Sudan, North Africa

Stephen Langa

God has just opened a new door of hope in Sudan, and through Sudan, into all of North Africa.

Hope for Africa is a ten-year initiative of DNA Africa Affiliate Samaritan Strategy Africa (SSA) aimed at catalyzing a movement of church-based transformation across the continent.  Since it began in 2005, over 30,000 pastors and church leaders have been impacted. National training teams (comprised of 339 certified trainers) have been established in 22 African nations. Thousands of Seed Projects have been implemented. Many have grown into significant programs: schools for slum children, micro-enterprise initiatives, HIV-AIDS related ministries, among others.

But the tremendous success experienced by Hope for Africa has has not reached North Africa.

Until now.

In March, Stephen Langa, a member of the SSA Africa Working Group and Executive Director of Transforming Nations Alliance was invited by International AID Services to conduct a one-day Vision Casting in Khartoum. Among the 40 attendees of this event were top NGO and Sudanese church leaders, including the Anglican Bishop of Khartoum and the Chairman of the Sudan Council of Churches.

These leaders were so impacted by Stephen’s presentation that they asked him to be the opening speaker at a gathering of all major Sudanese church leaders organized and hosted by the Sudan Council of Churches. This gathering was held in Juba just a few weeks later, on March 23-26.


Again, those in attendance were deeply struck by Stephen’s message. Doors were opened to conduct full, five-day Vision Conferences in Khartoum, Juba, and Yei.

Stephen and Pastor Franco Onaga of Watoto Church have already facilitated a full Vision Conference in Khartoum during the first week of June. Here are excerpts from Stephen’s June 11 report:

Pastor Franco and I have just concluded facilitating the Khartoum VC which was sponsored by International AID Services [IAS].

In a nutshell, it was one of the best Vision Conferences we have ever conducted and our sense is that this conference is going to have a significant impact in the Church and nation of Sudan. Bishop Ezekiel Kondo, Chairman of the Sudan Council of Churches who attended the conference, said at the end, “This should not be called a vision conference; it should rather be called an ‘Open Door Conference’ because it has opened a great door for the Church in Sudan”

The 50 participants were  pastors, denomination leaders, mission organization leaders, theological school leaders and Christian NGO leaders. The selection was carefully made such that every participant was strategic in their own right. Three of the leaders were Eritrean and have significant contacts with the Church in Eritrea and the Diaspora.

Most of the participants said that the conference was a life changing experience.

“Every lesson that was taught contained something that was directly relevant in my life,” said one.

“There are questions I have had in my life and have not had answers to; this conference has answered them,” was the testimony of another, who has been in student ministries for many years.

Several wished that the conference would continue for several more days. Every participant left with at least one thing that they are going to do or implement within the next one week.

There was also a general feeling that this conference came at the right time to the right people. After the recent elections, tribal clashes and killing of innocent people have continued in the South. It appears that some of the army leaders from the South have joined the Islamic Northern government and are being armed to destabilize the South. It is reported that some of the leaders in the South believe that their tribe is only tribe that should rule, and that it is causing unease and dissatisfaction among other tribes. It is therefore not clear to what is going to happen after the referendum next year.

The Church in the Islamic North is still somewhat afraid to engage in open evangelism fearing attacks from the Islamic government which imposed Sharia law some time back.  Although this is the situation generally, new initiatives by some Christian organizations and churches are using innovative methods to evangelize in the North.

Clearly the Church as well as the nation needs direction and transformational leadership. The Vision Conference has provided these key influential Church and Christian leaders with foundational truths, values and principles that could provide lasting solutions to problems faced by the church and the nation. The conference also exposed the church in Sudan to wholistic ministry and evangelism, which is a new concept to them. The testimonies from Watoto Church and the small groups concept opened the Church to new possibilities of ministering wholistically to the Muslim world. One pastor of a Pentecostal church in Khartoum said, “We only knew one way of evangelizing – direct evangelism. The idea of seed projects has opened our eyes to an effectively way of reaching out to Moslems”

As part of the way forward, an Interim Task Force [ITF] composed of eight leaders (six men and two women) was formed to provide leadership and coordination of the Samaritan Strategy in Sudan. Bishop Kondo is part of it and so are some key Pentecostal leaders. There was overwhelming desire to see the VC conducted in other parts of Sudan, especially the South in places such as Juba. I am going to be in touch with the task force with a view of providing guidance and mentorship.

A two-day meeting is scheduled next week between the Government of Southern Sudan and representatives of the Church in Sudan [The President of Southern Sudan is going to be present at the meeting]. Some of the representatives of the church delegation, who are going to represent the Church in Sudan at this meeting, attended the VC. Please pray that God would give the Sudanese church leaders the courage, wisdom and love to articulate God’s mind and purposes for the nation of Sudan.

Sudan is a gateway country to North Africa as it shares a common border with nine countries. The Sudanese church understands how to work in a Muslim context and is strategically located to influence the church across North Africa.

Here are a few photos from the recent Vision Conference:

Hein VanWyk Speaks at DNA Support Center Dinner

Hein VanWyk Giving Keynote Address

On a beautiful early summer evening in Scottsdale, Arizona, the DNA Support Center hosted its first-ever fundraising dinner. Hein VanWyk, Southern Africa Coordinator for Samaritan Strategy Africa gave the keynote address, along with Scott Allen, DNA Support Center President.

Over 50 people attended the event, hosted by Danny and Jodi Nelson, friends of the Disciple Nations Alliance. DNA board member Dwight Vogt served as Master of Ceremonies, and new DNA Support Center team member Gary Brumbelow shared his testimony of how the DNA has impacted him. Former DNA support center staff member Jeffrey Houser and his wife Christine served as table hosts.

The sponsors for the evening were Greg and Jean Vestri. Greg was formerly president of Food for the Hungry. He and Jean graciously provided a donation that covered all of the expenses for the evening. By God’s grace, over $18,000 was raised to support the work of the DNA.

Guests Enjoying Dinner

Scott Allen Shares about the DNA

Jeffrey Houser and Hein VanWyk

Danny Nelson Hosted the Dinner

DNA Philippines’ Influence Ripples Throughout Asia

In April, DNA co-founder Darrow Miller was invited by DNA Philippines to speak at churches and Christian training centers in Sebu and Manila. He returned truly impressed and excited about the significant influence DNA Philippines is having, not only on churches in the Philippines, but on Christian leaders throughout Asia.

Dr. Reynaldo (Rey) Tanijura and Debbie Toribio are co-Directors of DNA Philippines. Debbie also serves as Philippines Country Director with Food for the Hungry. (Here’s the DNA Philippines brochure.)

Rey Tanijura, Co-Director, DNA Philippines

A strategic relationship has formed between DNA Philippines and the International Graduate School of Leadership in Quezon City, founded by Campus Crusade for Christ. Rey serves as adjunct professor, as does Frank Pardue, a career missionary to the Philippines. Rey and Frank helped introduce DNA materials into the school’s curriculum. Graduates of the school are leading churches in more than 16 Asian nations.

Darrow spoke at the school to approximately 60 students. Half were from the Philippines and half were young Christian leaders from other Asian nations, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Uzbekistan. According to Darrow, “the students were deeply touched by the talk on Nurturing Nations and the maternal heart of God. It brought tears to the eyes of many in the class.”

Darrow also spoke to a group of 130 church, ministry, and NGO leaders at a Manila event hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ and DNA Philippines. The head of Crusade in the Philippines attended the event, and afterward told Darrow, “I attended a Vision Conference in Davo City you spoke at 10 years ago. It was a turning point for my life.”

Rey Tanijura has done some excellent strategic thinking on how DNA materials can be organized into a comprehensive strategy for impacting churches. You can view Rey’s powerpoint Pathways to Discipling Nations here.

Please keep Rey, Debbie and the DNA Philippine team in your prayers as they continue their strategic influence throughout Asia.

Bob Osburn, Wilberforce Academy, Developing New Curriculum Using DNA Materials

The mission of the Wilberforce Academy is to “train college-age students to be redemptive change agents in their home societies. As these students graciously bring the truth of a Christian worldview to bear on the deepest needs of their societies, they will foster human flourishing in their societies as well as serve God as He builds His kingdom in their midst.”

To accomplish this mission, Wilberforce Academy’s Executive Director, Bob Osburn, is developing an exciting new curriculum and training program in cooperation with the Disciple Nations Alliance. The new curriculum uses lessons from On Earth as it Is In Heaven, a small-group video series developed by DNA co-founders Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt.

The Wilberforce Academy will introduce this new training program at an October 8-9 Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota titled Worldview for World Healing: Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Through Christ’s Transforming Power. Darrow Miller will be a keynote speaker, along with Eric Metaxas and Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin.

The DNA is honored to partner with Wilberforce Academy in the development of this exciting and strategic new program.

Bob Osburn, Executive Director of the Wilberforce Academy

Churches Together, DNA Partner to Link African and North American Churches

In April and May, DNA and Churches Together (CT) joined efforts to host several vision casting events for North American churches in Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona. The purpose of these events was to cast vision for wholistic, church-based transformation, and offer churches the opportunity to form relationships with African churches that have pre-qualified by hosting a DNA Vision Conference.

The relationship between CT and DNA is not new. For several years, DNA co-founder Bob Moffitt has served on the CT Board of Directors. Recently, CT entered into formal cooperation with Samaritan Strategy Africa to build relationships with African pastors and churches that have attended DNA Vision Conferences and are actively applying the training.

Hein Van Wyk with wife Helene

Samaritan Strategy Africa appointed Hein VanWyk, director of the SSA Southern Africa region, as liaison to CT. Hein has worked closely with CT executive director, Robert Brown, to establish relationships with African churches, and to spread word in North America of partnership opportunities with African churches. Hein was the featured speaker at the recent events in Georgia, South Carolina and Phoenix.

From Robert Brown, CT Executive Director:

On last night’s newscast, I heard of a neighborhood where homes are cracking – literally cracking apart – due to poor foundations.  Apparently the contractor cut corners when it came to investing the time, effort, and cost required to lay a firm foundation.  The consequences are painful!

Churches Together seeks to help churches in North America and Africa work together.  However, we see the same story repeated far too often:  Churches jump into partnerships without laying a firm foundation.  And the consequences are painful!

As the Executive Director of CT, I am so very thankful for the work of DNA!  The Biblical Worldview training that DNA/Samaritan Strategy Africa has provided to African churches has enabled many of them to become God’s agents of real and lasting transformation.  Thanks be to God!

Robert Brown

The goal of CT is to find individuals and churches in North America to come alongside and support the great work these indigenous churches are doing.  We’ve learned, however, that we can’t rush into the partnership without first building a firm foundation.  So the challenge before us is to learn how to contextualize and provide DNA/Biblical Worldview Training for people living in North America.

Growing Relationship Between DNA and ReachGlobal

The Disciple Nations Alliance began as a Kingdom partnership between Food for the Hungry and Harvest. Today, a number of other organizations participate actively in the alliance.

Over the past two years, one of the most active has been ReachGlobal, the missions arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America. ReachGlobal sends and supports hundreds of missionaries around the world. Their Executive Vice President, T.J. Addington, embraces a wholistic approach to mission and emphasizes the need to strengthen and empower indigenous church leaders. To help in both areas, ReachGlobal has tapped several DNA resources.

Last fall, Dennis Tongoi, director of Samaritan Strategy Africa, the DNA affiliate in Africa, was invited to present some of the core DNA messages to church leaders and faculty of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School near Chicago. More recently, Dennis was brought onto the ReachGlobal leadership team as a consultant.

In March, Dennis and Cristi Petricioiu, the director of the DNA affiliate in Romania, addressed a gathering in Amsterdam of more than 160 ReachGlobal missionaries from across Europe.

Discussions are currently underway for a DNA training in New Orleans this September for leaders of TouchGlobal, the relief and development arm of ReachGlobal.

DNA is honored to have ReachGlobal as one of its cooperating organizations and we are excited to see how the Lord will lead us in fruitful Kingdom partnership in the days to come.