DNA videos airing on Nigerian state television TODAY

Starting today and airing every Wednesday night through the end of October, a new DNA video series will be broadcast across Nigeria on the state television station PRTVC, which has well over 3 million viewers.

The topic of the 7-part series is “Monday Church”–in the words of DNA co-founder Darrow Miller, “More work of the church is to take place Monday through Saturday than takes place on Sunday.” These challenging but encouraging lessons will unpack God’s plan for every Christian in every sphere of society to be a ‘missionary of restoration’ every day of the week.

Monday Church video series

Click here to watch the videos!

A local church in Jos, Nigeria called ECWA Plateau Church has purchased airtime on PRTVC and already has been showing “On Earth as It Is in Heaven,” a video series by DNA co-founders Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt that looks at what it would really look like–what it would really take–to see God’s kingdom come here and now, on earth as it is in heaven.

Steve Chia 1“There is such a dichotomized lifestyle between what happens on Sunday and the week days,” says Steve Chia (left) who is organizing this effort through his Nigerian church. “Many profess to be Christians on Sundays, but we do not seem to see the impact in the society.”

Please pray for those who see these videos, that their minds and hearts would be opened to God’s love for them and prosperous plans for their lives, and that they would respond in obedience.

To contact Steve, please e-mail aschia06@gmail.com.

Possessing the kingdom of God: A live presentation by DNA leader Hein van Wyk

The kingdom of God is a mysterious but central aspect of the Christian faith.

Out of the 40 parables Jesus taught to his disciples and to others within earshot, 18 specifically were about the kingdom. In the four gospels, the phrases kingdom of heaven or kingdom of God are referenced 97 times!

Hein van Wyk, part of DNA’s Global Leadership Team and an excellent teacher, gave perhaps the most thorough  explanation that we have seen of the kingdom of God at the 2013 DNA Global Forum in Brazil. Here, you’ll find his presentation in two parts. Please watch and share with your friends and colleagues!

Possessing the Kingdom (Part 1) by Hein van Wyk from Disciple Nations Alliance.

Possessing the Kingdom (Part 2) by Hein van Wyk from Disciple Nations Alliance.

About Hein van Wyk

Hein van Wyk’s passion is Christ and the establishment of His Kingdom in every area of life. For the last 17 years, he has facilitated Kingdom development as it relates to leadership formation, collaboration initiatives, community upliftment, mission mobilization and strategic planning.  He has been a conference and motivational speaker on topics that include worldview, transformational development, missions, prayer and partnership.
Hein resides in South Africa and ministers nationally as well as internationally. In addition to serving on the DNA’s Global Leadership Team, he works from the platform of Hope for Africa Strategic Alliances and serves as Samaritan Strategy Africa‘s regional coordinator for southern Africa, as well as Africa director for both Churches Together and Experience Mission.
Hein is married to Helene and has three children: Jannandi (24), Heilene (20) and Daneiko (13).
Contact Hein at hein@hopeforafrica.co.za.

Why the church acting as an organization will never transform society

Just as Jesus admonished the religious leaders of his day by calling out their legalism and hypocrisy, so today we have prophetic men and women who challenge the painful truth that, in many cases, the nation has discipled the church–we Christians have put on the clothes of our surrounding culture, sometimes no longer even resembling the radiant Bride of Christ.

Is it too late? How can we return to the original call God gave his Church? How can we tell when a local church has lost its identity?

Luis Sena is the contact person for the DNA local network in the Dominican Republic. He has decades of experience in wholistic community development and presently coordinates the School Development Program (Esperanza-Edify Program) at Esperanza International.

His 15-minute speech from the 2013 DNA Global Forum in Brazil will make you cringe, but in a good way. After you watch the video (it is in English and Portuguese), please share your comments on the blog. You may also wish to follow along with the written transcript or simply listen to the audio file.

Excerpt: “…in general, the church in our generation has adopted the form, the model of the ‘corporation’ from the western culture. As a consequence, instead of discipling their members, in most cases, churches have Christianized cultural practices like advertising and marketing. They have done this in order to be friendlier to the public and to have a wider impact in their city as religious organizations, but not as the people of God.”

Visit our new Cry Freedom website

Free, just and thriving nations are like fruitful trees. To flourish, they require the right conditions and the right soil.
What are the conditions that give rise to such a nation? What are the foundational principles upon which such nations are built?
This is what we must understand, for upon it depends the future of our nations, our families, and our very lives.

Last year, the DNA released a set of 10 Arabic-language videos that present biblical principles for nation building. The series was called “Cry Freedom.”

New Picture (16)

Cry Freedom video #1: An Opportunity for Nation Building

For several months in 2012, these videos were shown across the Middle East by a prominent Arabic TV station with more than 45 million active viewers each month. At one point, the videos were being used as fillers between television programs, airing three times a day!

Now, these videos are easily accessible to the whole world on www.cryfreedomnow.com. Please have a look and share this link with your friends.

We also have developed a training workshop in conjunction with these principles. Please e-mail info@disciplenations.org to request a copy of the PowerPoint presentations, Trainer’s Manual and Participant Handouts.

Announcing a new partnership with PovertyCure

We are so excited about our new partnership with PovertyCure, a new initiative that champions the creative potential of the person and seeks to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that fills the developing world.

The core values and principles of the DNA are closely intertwined with those of PovertyCure. One common value is the dignity and God-given potential of all humans, even children born into the poorest of societies.

We often ask, “What causes poverty?” But the real question is, “What causes wealth?”

PovertyCure seeks to shift the emphasis:

  • From aid to enterprise
  • From poverty alleviation to wealth creation
  • From paternalism to partnerships

PovertyCure is about re-thinking our assumptions. We are an international network of individuals and more than 100 organizations committed to a vision that recognizes the dignity and capacity of people to create value and prosperity for their families and communities.

Check out PovertyCure’s Voices section, which features short videos of entrepreneurs, political and religious leaders, and development experts like Paul Collier, Marcela Escobari, Michael Fairbanks, Hernando de Soto, and George Ayittey.

Visit the blog, and contribute to the discussion on Facebook and Twitter!

We’ve joined the PovertyCure network to help champion these ideas, and we encourage your organization, church, or non-profit to do the same!

Video: A wholistic education leads to a wholistic, missional life

“When it comes to school, there’s no shortage of what to learn. The shortage is, Why?”

Here is an innovative video from our friend Christian Overman at Worldview Matters. DNA co-founder Darrow Miller said this is “one of the clearest explanations of the sacred/secular dichotomy that I have seen.”

Worldview Maters

Worldview Matters exists to help followers of Christ recover from secularized thought, instead revealing God’s plan for Christians in the marketplace to shape culture and transform society every day of the week–not just on Sunday.

Worldview Matters also helps Christian educators create lesson plans that directly, relevantly connect to God’s “bigger picture,” filling students at all levels with a biblical worldview.

Contact Christian Overman at thinkagain@biblicalworldview.com.

The 2013 DNA Global Forum: A Milestone

Since 1999, DNA partners from all over the world have gathered about every two years to renew their vision for their work, to share how the biblical worldview plays out in their various ministries, and to build new partnerships for even greater impact.

This year, the DNA Global Forum was a milestone. For the first time, it was hosted in Latin America, and two new countries declared themselves as local DNA networks: Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic!

The Forum, in mid-March, was hosted by the newly formed DNA-Brazil network. More than 60 delegates from 16 countries spent six days at a retreat center operated by Igreja Batista da Lagoinha, a 51,000-member church in the city of Belo Horizonte. Many leaders and members of the church participated in the Forum, the topic of which was “Possessing the Kingdom: A Call to Truth and Love.”

Here are some reflections on the week by John and Kate, long-time partners of the DNA serving in South Asia:

John and Kate on the DNA Global Forum 2013 from Disciple Nations Alliance on Vimeo.

Below are a few photos from the week. Click here to see many more! Over the next few months, we’ll feature stories on many of these people and the work God is doing through them. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay informed!

DNA to be featured at the Colson Center’s Wilberforce Weekend Conference

DNA co-founder Darrow Miller accepted an invitation from the Colson Center to be a featured platform speaker at this year’s Wilberforce Weekend Conference in Washington, D.C., April 26-28.

The conference will engage the tension in which Christians live: living in the “in-between” of the here and the not yet Kingdom of God.

If this piques your interest, watch this short video with John Stonestreet, host of The Point radio broadcast.
It is a great representation of our DNA core beliefs!

Darrow, one of 10 featured speakers along with Eric Metaxas, will speak on how Christianity disciples entire nations. Interested in going to the conference? Register online or learn more.


A Family Story

DNA is a family of associate ministries, and one of those family members is Harvest. Harvest staff member, Chris Ampadu, also serves as DNA coordinator for West Africa. In recent months, God has opened many doors for him to share the biblical worldview with the staff of Mercy Ships, a Christian organization that brings healthcare–aboard giant ships–to those most desperate for it.

On February 17, U.S. television network CBS aired an excellent segment on Mercy Ships. Click here to watch the full segment.

“Spend a few days as we did, aboard the Africa Mercy, and you will see how two worlds meet: at the intersection of courage and compassion,” says reporter Scott Pelley from CBS’s long-running television news program, “60 Minutes.”

Mercy Ships 1

“Someone has to look at them; someone has to tell them that ‘You’re human, and I recognize that in you….’ It gets to a point where you cannot see it anymore. You don’t see the tumor, you just can see the person’s eyes … or if they only have one eye, because the other one is a tumor, you find their eye, and you find a way to connect with them.”

The ministry of Mercy Ships extends far beyond the physical realm. Last year, Chris Ampadu began training hundreds of people in the biblical worldview through this ministry. Mercy Ships crew members, local government officials, pastors and church leaders have received biblical-worldview training through this fruitful partnership.


The majority of those trained have been from a Muslim background, making this collaboration even more exceptional.

“This week, we had a wonderful conference for pastors and church leaders with almost 600 participants,” Chris said of a recent Mercy Ships invitation to Guinea. “Interestingly, the conference was held at Winners Chapel which was attacked by Moslems last few weeks. Now, the church has a solution–to love their Moslems brothers, and they have made plans to initiate seed love actions towards them … they have no option than to love them!

In the months to come, watch for more stories about Chris and his partnership with Mercy Ships!

Not a curse, but a blessing: caring for the differently abled in India

There are people in the world who see a problem and walk the other direction, and then there are people who stare the problem in the face, ask God what can be done, and respond in obedience to the often long, tough, amazing road ahead.

Geeta Mondol is the latter. Her problem was the lack of appropriate education for her son diagnosed with autism, and the lack of care for all differently abled children in her city of New Delhi, India.

Geeta's son, Samarpan, has inspired her to

Geeta’s son, Samarpan, was the inspiration for her work.

“People said it was his karma; let him work it out with his birth,” she says. To which her spirit revolted and she said to herself, Where are the Christians?! Autism is not a curse, and those who have it are equally made in the image of God–that is the biblical worldview. They are not to be cast out or tied to their beds, as is done to some of the children.

In India, Geeta describes, running schools has turned into a profit-making activity. Many classrooms have 60 children per teacher, and her son wasn’t getting the attention he needed.

“Until very recently, Christian schools were well known in the country for their discipline and inculcating good values among students; similarly, Christian hospitals were renowned for their quality service,” Geeta says. Where are the Christians when it comes to differently abled children and their families?

When Geeta prayed about this, God responded with a vision which has grown over the past five years into the robust Ashish Centre: an early intervention center for differently abled children and their families. “Ashish” means “blessing” in Hindi, reinforcing that all children are blessings from God.

Here, children participate in occupational, speech and behavioral therapies and receive vocational education. The Centre offers support groups for parents and training for other organizations.

The main purpose of the Centre is not simply to provide services but to produce a whole society where every person is considered valuable and important, where differently abled children and their families are properly supported. It is a long-term focus on changing the mindset and attitudes toward disability.

Presently, in Hindi, the national language of India, there is only one word to encompass the wide range of mental challenges: “pagal,” translated as “mad.”

“There are many types of disabilities,” writes Geeta, “and working with them requires skill, patience, creativity, intelligence, and a certain level of tenacity along with warmth … but most of all, what is required is FAITH and LOVE. Faith that makes us learners at HIS feet. We ask the Creator how to work with HIS creation. We look upon our children as being made in HIS image: unique, loved, and knit by God’s own hand.”

In 2007, this Centre opened its doors with 10 students. Today, there are 300 children on the waiting list and another 250 waiting to get onto the waiting list. Half of the students are receiving scholarships because, while the program is costly, the center has committed to serving everyone, regardless of caste, creed, race, religion or any other factor.

In contrast to traditional schools, at the Ashish Centre, there is one trained educator for every four children, plus one assistant for every two children.

The foundation of all programs at the Ashish Centre is a biblical worldview, and all staff complete a five-day training before they are allowed to work with the children. A biblical worldview allows the staff to see the children differently, which is the basis of the Ashish Centre’s methods.

“When you start viewing them differently,” says Geeta, “they start responding differently. When they start responding differently, you see improvement.” All children show 50-percent improvement in the first year, she says.

Many others have noted the effectiveness of the Asish Centre. In 2011, the Centre’s thrift store won the Intel Social Innovation Award for employing people with mental challenges. Replicating the Centre’s model, Geeta was invited to help set up a center in the Indian city of Bangalore, and the government of a nearby country now is asking her assistance. She also has seen transformation in her own staff as a result of the values upheld by the Centre.

These are the biblical values the Centre teaches and exercises:

  1. Each child is created in the image of God.
  2. Each child is created for a purpose.
  3. Each child is born with the potential to achieve that purpose.
  4. No one is exempt from giving back to society.
  5. All of us are differently abled.

Watch Geeta expound on this in under a minute:

A biblical view of disability – with Geeta Mondol from Disciple Nations Alliance on Vimeo.

A biblical view of disability – with Geeta Mondol from Disciple Nations Alliance on Vimeo.

Geeta and Raaj, her husband, are long-time friends of the DNA and formed their training for the Asish Centre from DNA worldview materials. Geeta first encountered the DNA at a Vision Conference in India in the ‘90s (when the DNA was still part of Food for the Hungry). From there, she joined a small team in India which was actively sharing these worldview teachings. She formally launched the Ashish Centre in 2007.

“While working with children who have special needs,” says Geeta, “what is required is not just a degree or a diploma in special education. What is required is the heart of a mother, the faith of a believer, and the humility of a person who may not have all the answers but does know One who has all the answers.”

To get involved in the Ashish Centre’s incredible work, e-mail Geeta at ashishcentre@gmail.com. Check out their website, and like them on Facebook!