Please pray as churches minister to flood victims in Nepal

In recent weeks, heavy rains and swelling rivers in western Nepal have caused extreme suffering for hundreds of people, and local churches are stepping up to meet the needs of their neighbors. Please pray for this emergency.

Portraits of missing pilgrims are seen on the gates of the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, Nepal, on June 26, 2013 (source).

Portraits of missing pilgrims are seen on the gates of the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, Nepal, on June 26, 2013 (source).

Here is a brief report from Tek Prasad Rijal who works with Vision Network Nepal, the DNA Local Network in Nepal and affiliate of Harvest Foundation.

We need your prayer for Nepal. This time, flood and landslide has caused disaster in Nepal. People have lost their  property, houses, and even lives. There are many people in need. We need your prayer!
  • 871 houses are completely destroyed, and 1,164 families have been displaced. These people now are living in schools, other public buildings and relatives’ houses.
  • We have helped 815 families so far on a face-to-face level.

I was out in the flooded areas in the Kailali District to be with the churches there in Tikapur [see these on the map]. The situation was so bad that we saw that the flood had washed away everything they had. No one was there to help them. Seeing the situation, about 53 churches in Tikapur took the initiative to help the people. Churches were there in the first line to help the people. Madan [Harvest staff member] was leading the movement. I was with him and the rest of the churches in Tikapur.

It was so touching for me and Madan, to see how the churches are taking initiatives to help those in need. We were so happy that people from the churches were doing the service.  There, we saw the real impact of the Vision Conference. It was a really good opportunity for us to see the churches at work. It was more than just service. It went so peacefully. People were happy and thankful.

I and Madan, with the other pastors and leaders, visited families after the relief service. Those victims told us that one of the local pastors of their area had come to them, asked about their situation, and helped them.

Not all relief services were as peaceful as the one we visited. Two days after our relief service, we were reading the news about a different relief-service program in Bardia District. While they were distributing relief service, something went wrong, and about 2,000 people did not get the help they needed. People started to fight, and police shot with teargas toward the people and toward the sky to stop the fight. In this fight, more than 24 people were injured, two of them seriously. Some people also attacked police and administration offices, breaking windows. In another district, 19 families were without food for four days. Now, people are lacking basic health services.


Please join the global Church in praying for the families struck down by this disaster.

You can contact Tek Prasad Rijal (pictured here) at

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