Possessing the kingdom of God: A live presentation by DNA leader Hein van Wyk

The kingdom of God is a mysterious but central aspect of the Christian faith.

Out of the 40 parables Jesus taught to his disciples and to others within earshot, 18 specifically were about the kingdom. In the four gospels, the phrases kingdom of heaven or kingdom of God are referenced 97 times!

Hein van Wyk, part of DNA’s Global Leadership Team and an excellent teacher, gave perhaps the most thorough  explanation that we have seen of the kingdom of God at the 2013 DNA Global Forum in Brazil. Here, you’ll find his presentation in two parts. Please watch and share with your friends and colleagues!

Possessing the Kingdom (Part 1) by Hein van Wyk from Disciple Nations Alliance.

Possessing the Kingdom (Part 2) by Hein van Wyk from Disciple Nations Alliance.

About Hein van Wyk

Hein van Wyk’s passion is Christ and the establishment of His Kingdom in every area of life. For the last 17 years, he has facilitated Kingdom development as it relates to leadership formation, collaboration initiatives, community upliftment, mission mobilization and strategic planning.  He has been a conference and motivational speaker on topics that include worldview, transformational development, missions, prayer and partnership.
Hein resides in South Africa and ministers nationally as well as internationally. In addition to serving on the DNA’s Global Leadership Team, he works from the platform of Hope for Africa Strategic Alliances and serves as Samaritan Strategy Africa‘s regional coordinator for southern Africa, as well as Africa director for both Churches Together and Experience Mission.
Hein is married to Helene and has three children: Jannandi (24), Heilene (20) and Daneiko (13).
Contact Hein at hein@hopeforafrica.co.za.

10 comments on “Possessing the kingdom of God: A live presentation by DNA leader Hein van Wyk

  1. The combination of the poor recording, the accent and the translator make the recording unintelligible. I would like to hear this, but, could it be done again with better recording quality?

    • Hi David,

      I know–the recording definitely is less than ideal. Hein lives in South Africa, and this was filmed during our every-other-year DNA Global Forum, so it’s unlikely we can get another live recording. However, I do have a transcript of his presentation and will e-mail it to you. Also, we’re planning to eventually use his content for a printed booklet on the kingdom of God, but that won’t be ready for several more months. In the meantime, I’ll e-mail you the transcripts so you can read them.


      • Mary, I’d also love to have a transcript of Hein’s presentation — if you could email to me? cindylperry@msn.com I have been working in Nepal and India the last 30 years, the last 15 in leadership development, and this teaching is foundational. Thanks. Cindy

  2. will like to have the transcript of Hein Van Wyk’s presentation..@ the DNA forum..thanks..Godwin Dela Fiagome,(missionary-Full Gospel Church It..Ghana)

  3. Could you please email me a transcript. I would love to have this information.

    Thank you,
    Branndon Bargo

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